jueves, 16 de junio de 2016

Storytellers For Peace

Muy contenta de haber participado junto con otros 17 narradores en 12 países en este vídeo unidos por los cuentos y la paz. El poema es IF, de Rudyard Kypling. Unos versos para reflexionar y disfrutar.


El vídeo está en "Storytellers for Peace". Estos somos, por orden de aparición:
Beatriz Montero (Spain)
Hamid Barole Abdu (Eritrea, Tigrinya)
Raquel Silvetti (Uruguay, Spanish)
Mahfuz Jewel (Bangladesh, Bengali)
Cecilia Moreschi (Italy)
Nayeli Spela (Slovenia)
John Taye (India, Assamese)
Enrique Páez (Spain)
Lisi Amondarain (Argentine)
Barry Stewart Mann (USA)
D.M.S. Ariyrathne (Sri Lanka)
Daniele Barbieri (Italy)
Sarah Cattani (Luxembourg)
Kristin Pedemonti (USA)

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher (coordinator of this proyect, Italy)
Katharina Ritter (Germany)
Lydia Ruiz (Spain)
Suzanne Sandow (Australia)
"Storytellers for Peace" is a network of narrators who create collective stories through videos.
The artists and the stories are from all over the world and speak about peace, justice, equality and human rights.
All participants tell some verses from the story in their mother tongue.
As a result you will see multilingual storytelling clips showing how powerful, beautiful and peaceful may be the world when is united to celebrate itself.

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